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Matched filter coefficients for pulse waveform

Since R2021a



coeff = getMatchedFilter(pulselib,idx) returns matched filter coefficients, coeff, for the waveform specified by the index, idx, in the waveform library, pulselib.


coeff = getMatchedFilter(pulselib,idx,pidx) also specifies the pulse index, pidx, of a stepped FM waveform.


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This example shows how to put two waveforms into a waveform library and how to extract and plot their matched filter coefficients.

Create a pulse library consisting of a rectangular and a linear FM waveform.

waveform1 = {'Rectangular','PRF',10e3 'PulseWidth',50e-6};
waveform2 = {'LinearFM','PRF',10e3,'PulseWidth',50e-6,'SweepBandwidth',1e5, ...
    'SweepDirection','Up','SweepInterval', 'Positive'};
pulsesib = pulseWaveformLibrary('SampleRate',1e6,...

Retrieve the matched filter coefficients for each waveform and plot their real parts.

coeff1 = getMatchedFilter(pulsesib,1,1);
title('Matched filter coefficients, real part')
coeff2 = getMatchedFilter(pulsesib,2,1);
title('Matched filter coefficients, real part')

Input Arguments

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Pulse waveform library, specified as a phased.PulseWaveformLibrary System object.

Waveform index, specified as a positive integer. The index specifies which waveform coefficients to return.

Data Types: double

Pulse index, specified as a positive integer. The index specifies which pulse matched-filter coefficients to return. This argument applies only to stepped FM waveforms.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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Matched filter coefficients, specified as a complex-valued vector or complex-valued matrix. For the stepped FM pulse, the output is a complex-valued matrix. Each matrix column corresponds to a step in the waveform. For all other waveforms, the output is a column vector.

Data Types: double
Complex Number Support: Yes

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2021a