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Radar Equations

Radar equations for searching and tracking. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) form of the radar equation, signal-to-noise ratio versus range plot, probability of detection versus range plot

Compute the maximum detectable range, SNR versus range, peak-power versus required SNR, minimum power-aperture product versus SNR.


radareqpowPeak power estimate from radar equation
radareqrngMaximum theoretical range estimate
radareqsnrSNR estimate from radar equation
radareqsarsnrSignal-to-noise ratio of SAR image
radareqsarpowMinimum peak transmit power using SAR equation
radareqsarrngMaximum detectable range using SAR equation
radareqsearchpapPower-aperture product using search radar equation
radareqsearchrngMaximum detectable range using search radar equation
radareqsearchsnrRange-dependent SNR using search radar equation
radarmetricplotPlot radar performance metric against target range


Radar DesignerModel radar gains and losses and assess performance in different environments
Radar Equation CalculatorEstimate maximum range, peak power, and SNR of a radar system


  • Radar Equation

    Solve the radar equation for peak power, range, and SNR in monostatic and bistatic configurations.