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Ground Truth Trajectories

Create trajectories from position, motion, and rotation

Create trajectories from geodetic coordinates, translational and rotational motion, and position, orientation, and velocity.


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geoTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory in geodetic coordinates (Since R2021a)
kinematicTrajectoryRate-driven trajectory generator (Since R2021a)
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator (Since R2021a)
quaternionCreate quaternion array (Since R2021a)
rotmatConvert quaternion to rotation matrix (Since R2021a)
eulerConvert quaternion to Euler angles (radians) (Since R2021a)
eulerdConvert quaternion to Euler angles (degrees) (Since R2021a)
rotvecConvert quaternion to rotation vector (radians) (Since R2021a)
rotvecdConvert quaternion to rotation vector (degrees) (Since R2021a)
compactConvert quaternion array to N-by-4 matrix (Since R2021a)
partsExtract quaternion parts (Since R2021a)
rotateframeQuaternion frame rotation (Since R2021a)
rotatepointQuaternion point rotation (Since R2021a)
normQuaternion norm (Since R2021a)
normalizeQuaternion normalization (Since R2021a)
distAngular distance in radians (Since R2021a)
slerpSpherical linear interpolation (Since R2021a)
meanrotQuaternion mean rotation (Since R2021a)
randrotUniformly distributed random rotations (Since R2021a)