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リソースの共有および RAM マッピングによる改善


coder.hdl.loopspecUnroll or stream loops in generated HDL and SystemC code
coder.hdl.constrainlatencySpecify the minimum and maximum acceptable hardware latency for a MATLAB function for SystemC code generation
coder.hdl.arraydistanceSpecify minimum or maximum array distance inside pipelined for-loop
coder.hdl.stableDefine stable inputs in MATLAB design


  • Map Persistent Arrays to RAM

    To map the persistent variables to RAMs in the generated SystemC code use the RAM Mapping optimization. Without this optimization, the variables are mapped to registers. RAM mapping is an area optimization. It reduces the area of your design in the target hardware.

  • Pipelining of for-Loops

    Pipelining allows concurrent execution of multiple iterations. The next iteration of a loop can begin execution before the previous iteration completes its execution. Pipelining optimises the execution speed and improves the throughput of the code at the expense of increased resources.