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Show or hide peak marker table



showPeaksTable(p,vis) shows or hides a table of the peak values. By default, the peak values table is visible.

Input Arguments

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Polar plot, specified as a scalar handle.

Show or hide peaks table, specified as 0 or 1.


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Create a monopole antenna and calculate the directivity at 1 GHz.

m = monopole;
M = pattern(m,1e9,0,0:1:360);

Plot the polar pattern and show three peaks of the antenna. When creating a polarpattern plot, if you specify the Peaks property, the peaks table is displayed by default.

P = polarpattern(M,'Peaks',3);

Figure Polar Measurement contains an object of type uicontainer.

Hide the table. When the peaks table is hidden, the peak markers display the peak values.


Version History

Introduced in R2016a