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Fixed-Wing Aircraft Creation with Objects

Use fully realized fixed-wing solutions using objects

Use fully realized fixed-wing solutions for aircraft analysis, including static stability and linearization. To analyze fixed-wing aircraft, use the Aero.FixedWing class and its supporting classes.


Aero.FixedWingDefine fixed-wing aircraft
Aero.FixedWing.StateDefine condition of Aero.FixedWing aircraft at time instant
Aero.FixedWing.CoefficientCreate Aero.FixedWing aircraft coefficient set
Aero.FixedWing.SurfaceDefine aerodynamic and control surfaces on Aero.FixedWing aircraft
Aero.FixedWing.ThrustDefine thrust vector on fixed-wing aircraft
Aero.Aircraft.EnvironmentProperties defining and managing aircraft environment
Aero.Aircraft.PropertiesProperties defining and managing aircraft
Aero.Aircraft.ControlStateDefine control states of fixed-wing state