Asymptotic Bode diagrams (extended)

バージョン 1.2 (1.93 KB) 作成者: Gal Barkai
MATLAB script to plot asymptotic bode diagrams, including those of improper systems and pure integrators
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更新 2021/11/11
A MATLAB script plotting the asymptotic Bode plot of a given LTI system. There are a couple of other scripts on File Exchange with errors accounted for here.
The function can receive as an input a tf, zpk, ss or a symbolic expression representing a rational function.
* The model can be improper, e.g., calling asymp_bode(tf([1 1],[0 1])) will plot the expected bode diagram.
* Time delays, non minimum-phase system and poles/zeros at the origin are accounted for.
* The script decomposes the individual phase and gain plots of each element and sums them together.
* Pure imaginary poles and zeroes are currently not supported


Gal Barkai (2024). Asymptotic Bode diagrams (extended) (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2021a
Windows macOS Linux
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