Geodetic Transformations

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Set of tools for transformation used in geodesy, especially when using GNSS or mapping

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A set of functions to calculate coordinate transformations between different reference ellipsoids and different projections, including tools on:
- transformation from cartesian to geographic coordinates and back
- transformation from geographic coordinates to transverse mercator mapping or lambert conformal conical mapping and back
- transformation from geographic to UTM and back which can handle irregular zones and pole mapping
- 3D/2D/1D similarity transformation (Helmert transformation)
- determination of the parameters of a 3D/2D/1D-Helmert transformation
- applying residual corrections after performing a helmert transformation
- reading and using NTv2 transformation parameters
- 3D transformation between ITRS and ETRS frames
- 3D/2D affine transformation and its parameter determination
- 3D/2D to 2D projective transformation and its parameter determination
- Molodensky transformation
Some projections and ellipsoids are already defined in mat-Files.
This functions are often used in geodesy when transforming between different coordinate systems, e.g. UTM to GK or GPS-data (WGS84) to UTM.
Although some might be incorporated in the mapping toolbox, at least I don't have that...
An example document with background information is added.
A great acknowledgement to Andrea Pinna of the University of Cagliari who improved the helmert parameter estimation functions in speed and memory usage!
Please notify me of any bugs you may encounter.


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