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Virtual Measurement of e/m Lab

バージョン 1.0.0 (1.53 MB) 作成者: Brian Hong
Interactive courseware module that addresses J.J. Thomson’s landmark experiment to measure the charge-to-mass ratio of the electron, e/m.

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更新 2021/6/21

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Curriculum Module
Created with R2020b. Compatible with R2020b and later releases.

Apparatus schematic


This curriculum module contains a MATLAB® app and a live script that follow J.J. Thomson’s landmark experiment to measure the charge to mass ratio of the electron, e/m. The app is a virtual replacement for the experimental apparatus commonly used in physics laboratories. The live script contains a manual for conducting the experiment. This lab includes background, pre-lab, virtual experiment, and data analysis sections and concludes with an application of the theory to mass spectrometry.

Learning Goals

  • Explain the forces present in the experimental apparatus
  • Derive the physical relationships required to compute the e/m ratio
  • Use the app to perform the experiment
  • Estimate the value of e/m
  • Compute the experimental error and discuss its sources
  • Relate the underlying theory to mass spectrometry


emLab.mlx, emLabSoln.mlx
A lab manual for the virtual experiment. This live script includes a background description, pre-lab questions, a guide to the virtual experiment, and details on how to process and analyze the data.

A MATLAB app that contains a virtual reproduction of the experimental apparatus. Details concerning how to use the app are included in emLab.mlx.

Example measurements taken from the app used in the solution script, emLabSoln.mlx.


MATLAB, Symbolic Math Toolbox™, Curve Fitting Toolbox™


The license for this module is available in the LICENSE.TXT file in this GitHub repository.

Educator Resources

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Brian Hong (2022). Virtual Measurement of e/m Lab (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2020b
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