Balance the Trade-Off between Security and Energy Cons

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A Novel Approach to Balance the Trade-Off between Security and Energy Consumption in WSN
WSN (Wireless sensor networks) are composed of huge number of non-rechargeable tiny sensor nodes deployed in an environment which sense the data and transmit the same to the base station. A sensor becomes useless once its energy is exhausted thereby reducing the overall lifetime of the network. Also, WSN find their use in data confidential applications like communication system which is vital in such cases. However, there is always a trade-off between improving security and reducing energy consumption. There are various algorithms which provide security but most of them are complexity bound. As the complexity of security algorithm increases, the energy consumption increases. To balance the trade-off, we came up with a novel approach, which uses low complexity XOR technique and Hybrid LEACH-PSO algorithm. Through extensive simulations, it is identified that the proposed approach performs better than the existing approaches.


Kommuru, K. Jaya Shankar Reddy, et al. “A Novel Approach to Balance the Trade-Off between Security and Energy Consumption in WSN.” 2018 2nd International Conference on Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ICMETE), IEEE, 2018, doi:10.1109/icmete.2018.00030.

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