viridis_white: a modified viridis colormap

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viridis_white is a variant of the Viridis colormap that replaces the yellow sequence with a white one.

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viridis_white: a modified viridis colormap

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The viridis_white colormap is a modification of the Viridis colormap that was introduced in Matplotlib in 2015. In viridis_white, the yellowish sequence is replaced by a white sequence. It allows some additional flexibility when it comes to using a colormap on a white background.

The viridis_white colormap is based on the following Python implementation:


The present submission contains

  • viridis_white.m: the function that creates the viridis_white colormap
  • viridis.m: the viridis colormap in Matlab for comparison purpose [1]
  • Documentation.mlx: A Matlab LiveScript that illustrates how th viridis_white colormap looks like can be used

Any comment, question or suggestion is welcome


Mean wind speed at 10 m above the surface in Northern Europe


[1] Ander Biguri (2021). Perceptually uniform colormaps (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved June 9, 2021.


E. Cheynet. viridis_white: a Modified Viridis Colormap. Zenodo, 2021, doi:10.5281/ZENODO.4922271.

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作成: R2020b
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ヒントを得たファイル: Perceptually uniform colormaps

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