Analyzing linear systems in frequency range

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Virtual lab on signals and systems: App to measure frequency characteristics of linear filters and a livescript as protocol
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Normally, a lab assignment on signals and systems involved working with real hardware: a signal generator, an oscilloscope, and a device under test, usually a filter. When students could no longer come into the lab, we created digital replicas of these hardware devices in MATLAB® so that students could complete lab experiments interactively at home.

The livescript demonstrates, how to virtualize a lab experiment using the app [N4 - Analyzing Systems in Frequency Range]. You can add your own transfer functions to the app by adapting the file filterfcn.m. Afterwards either filterfcn.m or filterfcn.p has to be placed into the current folder. Without this file, the app works too, but only provides the 3 filters investigated in this script.

Learning Goals of this assignment:
* Measure amplitude and phase characteristics of a linear filter
* Approximate the amplitude characteristics of an unknown filter from measurement


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