Aquila Optimizer: A meta-heuristic optimization algorithm

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Aquila Optimizer (AO): A novel meta-heuristic optimization algorithm for solving optimization problems (Jave Code)
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更新 2021/3/26


Aquila Optimizer (AO) is a novel population-based optimization method, which is inspired by the Aquila’s behaviors in nature during the process of catching the prey.

Main reference: Abualigah, L., Yousri, D., Elaziz, M.A., Ewees, A.A., A. Al-qaness, M.A., Gandomi,
A.H., Aquila Optimizer: A novel meta-heuristic optimization Algorithm, Computers & Industrial Engineering
(2021), doi:

Code available at Researchgate:


Laith Abualigah (2024). Aquila Optimizer: A meta-heuristic optimization algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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