Data Uncertainty Format for LaTeX Table

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The function ErrVec(dat, err) creates a cell array of inputted data and its uncertainty with standard error notation in LaTeX format.
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更新 2021/1/12


Given a set of data together with its error, this program will create a cell array that consists of strings of corresponding data with its uncertainty in the standard uncertainty notation in LaTeX format.

The following notations are included:

$21,284 \pm 0,023$
$(2,128 \pm 0,023)\cdot 10^{-4}$
$21,28495(48)\cdot 10^{-7}$

The program will choose the most convenient notation automatically according to the length of the returned string in LaTex, since the whole point of this program is actually to make the creation of a table of one's experimental data in LaTeX much easier. If you type for example ErrVec(0.0000010348194, 0.0000000356123), it will return {'$(1,035 \pm 0,036)\cdot 10^{-6}$'}. It will automatically adjust the number of significance of the uncertainty, from which the number of the data decimals will be written.

See also:

Víctor Martínez-Cagigal (2020). MATLAB Table to LaTeX conversor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved December 30, 2020.

in order for you to make the corresponding LaTex table.


Niko Lay (2024). Data Uncertainty Format for LaTeX Table (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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Fixing the non-occurring ",0" in the outputted data string, when one for example type ErrVec(10,2).


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