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Wait a certain time for a single keypress

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CH = getkeywait(P) waits for a keypress for a maximum of P seconds. P
should be a positive number. CH is a double representing the key
pressed key as an ascii number, including backspace (8), space (32),
enter (13), etc. If a non-ascii key (Ctrl, Alt, etc.) is pressed, CH
will be NaN. If no key is pressed within P seconds, -1 is returned,
and if something went wrong during excution 0 is returned.
Without argument, getkeywait waits until a key is pressed.

[CH, RT] = getkeywait(..) returns the response time in seconds in RT.

disp('Press a key within 5 seconds') ;
[CH, DT] = getkeywait(5)

See also input, ginput, waitbar, msgbox
getkey (file Exchange)

Authors note: This file was created in 2005 and is still working ;-)


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