Sunburst or Polar Treemap Plot and Range Plot

Visualize data as sunburst/polar treemap plot or range plot
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更新 2020/9/6

plotdemo.m will generate the figure shown in the image.

sunburstplot.m creates polar treemap of hierarchical data. The data can either be supplied as .csv or through interactive selection in an excel spreadsheet. Data should be without any headers. All columns should contain sector labels except the optional last column which can contain numbers associated with each category. The plot nomenclature is as follows:
1. First circle is referred to as root (root usually contains the title of plotted data)
2. Second circle is referred to as branches (used to assign colors as in excel)
3. Higher circles/rings are referred to as leaves (Currently only three leaves are allowed)

Possible improvements:
The visualization of sector labels can be improved by measuring the extent of sector and adopting accordingly. The code is written in a loop fashion instead of in a recursive fashion which can reduce code lines but becomes difficult to understand (this is the case for myself).

Majority of the sunburst data (data in testdata.csv and testdata.xlsx) is taken from:

rangedotplot.m is a modified version of plotStickers to visualize ranges and highlight any value within that range


Muhammad Tauha Ali (2024). Sunburst or Polar Treemap Plot and Range Plot (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2020a
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updated screenshot


Updated sunburstplot to have radial option for label rotation, ability to specify clockwise or ccw plotting diection and starting angle and added separate patch and text handles.
Also, improved error handling and added linked to github repository.


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