Shipboard Power System in Simscape

This submission demonstrates modeling and simulation of a Two-Zone MVDC shipboard power system in Simscape Electrical.
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更新 2022/12/14
This submission demonstrates modeling and simulation of a Two-Zone MVDC electric ship in Simscape Electrical,
and considers modeling constructs for both desktop and real-time simulation. More information on the
architecture and parameterization of the system is available from the ESRDC at the following link
To get started,
Run Two_Zone_MVDC.prj
Read Two_Zone_MVDC_Electric_Ship.pdf
For more information on MathWorks solutions for Power Systems Analysis and Design, please visit this page
You can use this submission in MATLAB Online. From the Home Tab, select Add-Ons -> Get Add-Ons and search for the submission name in the Add-On Explorer. Navigate to the submission page, click the Add button and select Save to MATLAB Drive.


Graham Dudgeon (2024). Shipboard Power System in Simscape (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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