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This repository provides a function that generates a bar chart race plot.
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更新 2023/10/25

barChartRace(X) draws the animation of the bar chart for each rows of X. X can be numeric array, table, or timetable.

h1 = barChartRace(X) returns a handle (h1) to the figure with bar chart.
[h1,h2] = barChartRace(X) returns a handle (h2) to the figure with the data description in addition to h1.
[ __ ] = barChartRace(X, Name, Value) to use some Name-Value Pair Arguments.

There are also some sample scripts that will generate a bar chart race plot. These can be a good example to work through the basic ideas behind the bar chart race animation with the graphics object of MATLAB. These scripts can work with the earlier version of MATLAB.

- barChartRace_UniColor.m: Single color version
- barChartRace_multiColor_oneBar.m: Multi-color version with one bar object.
- barChartRace_multiColor_multiBar.m: Multi0color version with multi-bar objects (for users with R2017a or earlier.)

Note: The implementation of a function barChartRace is similar to that of barChartRace_multiColor_oneBar.m but many additional options.


michio (2024). BarChartRaceAnimation (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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