"Getting Started with Simulink for SPC" example files

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Example Simulink models for the solar sunny vs cloudy example

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Explore the models created in the "Getting Started with Simulink for SPC" video.


model1_oneDay.slx - Model analyzing one day of power generation.
model2_filters.slx - Model filtering and displaying the power data.
model3_algorithm.slx - Model of the algorithm showing the sunny vs non-sunny classification.
model4_CcodeGeneration.slx - Model that can be used to generate C code.
model5_HDL.slx - Extra model that has been modified from the previous model to generate HDL code.
SolarArrayData.mat - Data file containing the power data for over 957 days, an example cloudy and sunny day, time and sampling frequency.

All models were created and saved in R2020a. If you are using an earlier release, do the following before opening any models:

(1) Click Preferences in the Home tab of the MATLAB toolstrip.
(2) In the Preferences dialog, select the Simulink pane and then click Open Simulink Preferences.
(3) In the Simulink Preferences dialog, select the Model File pane.
(4) Clear the "Do not load models created with a newer version of Simulink" option.


Radu David (2022). "Getting Started with Simulink for SPC" example files (https://github.com/mathworks/getting-started-with-simulink-for-spc), GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2020a
R2019b 以降と互換性あり
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