Interval workout timer

バージョン 1.0.2 (3.58 KB) 作成者: Mogeng Li
An interval timer for exercising at home.

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更新 2020/4/1


A GUI interval timer for exercising at home. It is designed for routines in which all the workouts have the same duration. User can personalise the function by setting the duration of the workout, resting time between workouts, number of repeating sets, etc. The name of the workout is announced at the beginning of each session. The function also announces the half-way time and counts down at the last 3 seconds in each workout.

The main body of the function is based on Matt Fig's post The announcements are constructed through Siyi Deng's text-to-speech function (


Mogeng Li (2022). Interval workout timer (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2014b
Windows macOS Linux
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