Space Weather (global TEC) displayed with geoshow & mapshow

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This project shows how to plot and create movies of global gridded space weather data using matlab.
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The primary purpose of this project is to show how to use gridded global space weather data that NASA and NOAA share here ( assembled into cdf files. The scripts use only matlab's cdf read routines, but NASA has developed a set as well that they recommend:

Total Electron Content (TEC) in Ionosphere. The TEC is defined as the total number of electrons integrated along the path from the receiver to each GPS. Total Electron Count is one of several indicators of ionospheric variability area derived by the modified GPS signal through free electrons. Since 1998, International GNSS service (IGS) associate analysis centers have provided products containing ionosphere vertical total electron content (TEC) maps and daily GNSS satellite.

Four script/mlx files are included along with the file

* displayMapAsImage.m - displays the global data using imagesc
* displayMosaicSequence.m - displays the images for every 2 hours as a mosaic
* displayUsingGeoshow.m - displays the global data using geoshow with coastal lines
* displayUsingMapshow.m - displays the global data using mapshow with coastal lines and contour lines
* makeMovieUsingGeoshow.m - generates this movie:


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