Agilent 34410A DMM control with Prologix GPIB-USB

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Control Agilent 34410A DMM remotely via GPIB
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Have you ever wanted to control your DMM but at the same time other instruments (on th same bus) and all you have is an RS232 port at the back of the instrument, OR your instrument only has a GPIB port (and no USB / ethernet / RS232 port). Well, a USB to GPIB might help. At this day (24/09/2019), you have the choice between the Prologix ( for $149.95 OR the National Instrument one (, starting from NZ$ 830.00. Choose wisely...

This code is for controlling the Agilent DMM 34410A.

This code is base on 2 previous posts ("AQ6317B OSA Capture with Prologix GPIB-USB" by Priyanth Mehta AND "Run a 53132A counter with a USB GPIB interface" by Rick McConnell, a big thanks to them)


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