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NOAA has a suite of annotated products available for RESTful webread. This toolbox enables you to automatically download them.
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For GOES East, the CONUS products offered here:
are available in a number of band, band combinations, and annotated images each in a variety of sizes including animated gif sequences. The bands include: Band 1 - Visible: Blue, Band 2 - Visible: Red, Band 3 - Near IR: "Veggie", Band 4 - Near IR: Cirrus, Band 5 - Near IR: Snow/Ice, Band 6 - Near IR: Cloud Particle, Band 7 - IR: Shortwave, Band 8 - IR: Water Vapor - Upper, Band 9 - IR: Water Vapor - Mid, Band 10 - IR: Water Vapor - Lower, Band 11 - IR: Cloud-top phase, Band 12 - IR: Ozone, Band 13 - IR: Clean Longwave, Band 14: IR: Longwave, Band 15: IR: Dirty Longwave, Band 16: IR: CO2 Longwave, GeoColor - True color day/IR Night. CONUS also offers a new Derived Motion Winds annotated product.

NOAA also offers sector (regional) data for the following regions: Central America, Canada, Caribbean, Great Lakes, Equatorial East Pacific, Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, Northeast, Northern Rockies, Northern South America, Pacific Northwest, Puerto Rico, Pacific Southwest, Southeast, Southern Mississippi Valley, Southern Plains, Southern Rockies, Southern South America, Tropical Atlantic, Upper Mississippi Valley


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