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Plot Lightning Data from WWLLN
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The World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) posts Google Earth KML overlay for 1 hour of global data ending 6 hours ago. These scripts do a restful webread, parse the data for lightning stroke measured time, location, residual, number of stations that detected it, and mode. The KMZ files can be loaded into Google Earth. The scripts here convert the data to a convenient matlab table that includes datenum, julian date, and modified julian date columns.

NOTE: The KMZ file is updated each hour, so the getLightningKML.m function should NOT be executed more frequently than this, or the system could become unusable.

WWLLN data sets are copyrighted by the Prof Robert Holzworth, Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington


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Lightning during Hurricane Dorian shown in image.


The data provider is now posting KMZ files instead of KML files.


adding the statement that the data are copyrighted by University of Washington