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version 1.0.1 (103 KB) by William Warriner
Class for adding pretty axes to 3D MATLAB plots.

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Updated 29 Nov 2018

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Class for adding pretty axes to 3D MATLAB plots. When the draw() method of an instance is called, six axis lines are produced radiating from the supplied origin to the supplied minimum and maximum points, each parallel to the XYZ axes, colored independently. The default colors are colorblind safe; see below for more information. The end point of each axis is labeled by whether it is in the positive or negative direction, and by which axis it is parallel to. By default the labels are of the form {-,+}{X,Y,Z}. For example, the default positive X-axis is labeled +X, and negative Z is labeled -Z.

See GitHub repo readme for more information.

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William Warriner (2021). PrettyAxes3DMatlab (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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