Code for Kalman Hybrid Precoding for MmWave MIMO Systems

作成者: Anna Vizziello
This code compares the spectral efficiency of the proposed Kalman hybrid precoding scheme with MMSE and ZF.

更新 2018/10/19

This code calculates the spectral efficiency achieved by the multi-user hybrid precoding algorithms in the paper - A. Vizziello, P. Savazzi and K. Chowdhury, "A Kalman based Hybrid Precoding for Multi-User Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Systems," in IEEE Access, 2018.

At millimeterwaves, fully digital techniques are infeasible while purely analog solutions suffer performance limitations. The paper develops an iterative Kalman based hybrid analog/digital beamforming for multi-user scenario. An analytical error is formulated between the transmitted and estimated data so that the base station does not require information on the estimated data at the mobile stations but only the precoding/combining matrix. Simulation results confirm significant improvement in terms of spectral efficiency.

The code compares the spectral efficiency of the proposed hybrid Kalman precoder with fully-digital MMSE and ZF, hybrid MMSE and ZF, analog only beamsteering, single-user (no interference).

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作成: R2017a
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