Physics Course with Symbolic Math Toolbox and Live Editor

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Basic Physics Course with MATLAB's Symbolic Math Toolbox and Live Editor
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A script is developed with a clear presentation of the fundamentals of theoretical physics (physics courses 1-3). This includes extensive exercises with hints for solving physical problems with MATLAB (Live Editor and Symbolic Math Toolbox) and corresponding solutions.
Physical subjects are: space and time, relativity theory, dynamics in general, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and chaos theory.
Exercises: Path Integral, Surface Integral, Lorentz Transformation and Twinning Paradox, Kepler Problem, Roller Pendulum, Quantum Interferometer, Quantum Mechanic Binding and Scattering States, Helmhoz Coil, Hertzian Dipole, Billiards, Duffing Oscillator, ...


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- Animations are generated with the new command 'fanimator'
- The integration of Kepler orbits is improved