VST plug-in for room impulse response (convolutional reverb) synthesis via a spectral autoencoder
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更新 2022/9/30

NeuralReverberator is a VST2 plug-in built with the MATLAB Audio System Toolbox. An autoencoder was trained in Keras using normalized, log-power spectra of room impulse responses downsampled to 16 kHz.

After training the network, the decoder was used to generate log-power spectra for 2000 room impulse responses. This was achieved by navigating through the three dimensional latent space of the model. A left and right channel were generated for each step by slightly perturbing the latent space embedding of the left channel and then passing it through the decoder to generate the right channel.

Librosa was used to perform a transformation to audio samples that match the generated log-power spectra with the use of the Griffin-Lim algorithm. These .wav files were then loaded into a MATLAB struct and then could be loaded in the AudioPlugin class where these room impulses can be convolved with input audio in a DAW along with a number of controls to shape the reverb.


Christian Steinmetz (2024). NeuralReverberator (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2018a
Windows macOS Linux
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