Find and Replace in Files

バージョン 1.1.290 (55.7 KB) 作成者: Robyn Jackey
Perform find and replace operations against a folder structure of MATLAB .m files.

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更新 2018/11/20


This app enables you to search for text in *.m files in a folder or folder structure. Then, you may apply replacements to the instances found. Regular expressions may optionally be used in the search text. Currently only *.m files are supported.

This code will modify multiple files within a specified folder structure. Although the app does back up the modified files to your TEMP directory, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND before using this that you also back up your code folder or commit your code to a version controlled repository.

Built by MathWorks Consulting and *requires* you to install GUI Layout Toolbox and Widgets Toolbox. This app is dependent on functionality in those toolboxes.

This app was built by MathWorks Consulting Services. To learn how a MathWorks Consultant can help improve your software development skills, please see:

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作成: R2018b
Windows macOS Linux
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Bugfix for special characters. Switched code font to Monospaced.

Bugfix: corrected the hyperlink location where the original files are backed up