Structural and Thermal Analysis with MATLAB (April 2018)

Live scripts, files, and slides for "Structural and Thermal Analysis with MATLAB" webinar
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In this submission, you will find the slides that were shown on the webinar "Structural and Thermal Analysis with MATLAB" originally broadcasted on April 4, 2018. These slides described the Partial Differential Equations (PDE) workflow in MATLAB to solve finite element analysis (FEA) problems focusing on thermal and structural applications.
The live script "PipeThermalAnalysis" was used to show you can define and solve an FEA problem using 10 lines of code. The three folders contain the remaining demos used during the webinar.
The first demo, "YouBotThermalAnalysis," studies the heat tolerance of a robotic component using the Partial Differential Equations Toolbox. A parameter sweep as well as the modeling of the relationship of thermal conductivity and max temperature are shown. Using the MATLAB Live Editor we show how to document results and generate a PDF, LateX or HTML of our results.
The second demo, "StrainedBracket_Demo," performs a linear elastic deformation parametric study for a metal bracket with a hole. This demo leverages parallel computing functionality to accelerate results. Application deployment to generate a standalone executable is shown by first going through the creation of an user interface (App) and then compiling to share with others.

Lastly, the demo "DynamicsOfATuningForkExample" shows how to run modal and transient linear dynamics studies on a tuning fork to calculate frequencies and mode shapes as well as obtain animation of results.

Required Products:
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox for the FEA.
Symbolic Math Toolbox for unit conversions.
Parallel Computing Toolbox for multiple analysis runs (parfor).
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox for linear fitting.
MATLAB Compiler for generating the standalone executable.

To learn more about Partial Differential Equation Toolbox, go to:


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