Calculate ellipse part arc lengths using ellipse parameter (theta1,theta2,a,b,​tolerance)

Calculates elliptic arc/ parts of ellipse lengths using infinite sum method given the ellipse

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更新 2018/3/9


Calculates the arclength of elliptic curve starts from theta1 and ends at theta2, using infinite series approach given in the reference at end of description
* if theta1 > theta2 arc length will be negative
* maximum number of iterations is set as 100, change from code if necessary
* theta1 and theta2 are defined such that;
defined in ellipse parameter such that for a point (x,y) on ellipse:
x = a*cos(theta1)
y = b*sin(theta2)
* a,b are semimajor and semiminor axes of ellipse, however function
supports entering them as vice versa
* tolerance sets the accuracy of calculation
* arcLen: arclength in units of the input a and b
* precision: difference of ellipse length with one higher iteration calculation
* n: number of iterations
referenced from:
[arcLen, precision, n] = ellipseArcLength(0, 2*pi, 5,4,1e-5)
Author: Mehmet Burak Ekinci


Mehmet Burak Ekinci (2023). Calculate ellipse part arc lengths using ellipse parameter (theta1,theta2,a,b,tolerance) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2017b
Windows macOS Linux
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