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Essential Calculus Lectures with MATLAB

バージョン (532 KB) 作成者: Giampiero Campa
Using the Live Editor and the Symbolic Math Toolbox to teach calculus concepts

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更新 2019/10/18


This package contains 5 MATLAB live scripts showing how to use the Live Editor and the Symbolic Toolbox to illustrate calculus concepts.

The lectures ordering is, by design, conventional, starting with functions and then defining limits, which in turn allow explaining continuity, derivatives and ending with integrals. Of course, according to the instructor's preference, other arrangements of topics are possible, such as leading directly with difference equations, defining derivatives with infinitesimals (as in nonstandard analysis), or introducing from the very beginning vectors and multivariable calculus.

Other examples and ideas might be found in the Teaching Calculus with MATLAB page


Giampiero Campa (2022). Essential Calculus Lectures with MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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