Functions for the rectangular assignment problem

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This package provides m- and mex-functions for solving the rectangular assignment problem.

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With this package, I provide some MATLAB-functions regarding the rectangular assignment problem. This problem appears for example in tracking applications, where one has M existing tracks and N new measurements. For each possible assignment, a cost or distance is computed. All cost values form a matrix, where the row index corresponds to the tracks and the column index corresponds to the measurements. The provided functions return an optimal or suboptimal assignment - in the sense of minimum overall costs - for the given matrix.
In the process of gating, typically very unlikely assignments are forbidden. The given functions can handle forbidden assignments, which are marked by setting the corresponding assignment cost to infinity.
The optimal solution is computed using Munkres algorithm, also known as Hungarian Algorithm.

The functions are called like
[assignment, cost] = assignmentalgorithm(distMatrix);


Markus Buehren (2022). Functions for the rectangular assignment problem (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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