HDBSCAN - hierarchical density-based clustering for applications with noise

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更新 2018/6/30

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This is a MATLAB implementation of HDBSCAN, a hierarchical version of DBSCAN. HDBSCAN is described in Campello et al. 2013 and Campello et al. 2015. Please see the extensive documentation in the github repository. Suggestions for improvement / collaborations are encouraged!


Jordan Sorokin (2023). Jorsorokin/HDBSCAN (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2017b
Windows macOS Linux
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Added "minClustNum" parameter to the HDBSCAN object, which helps realize child clusters in situations where the algorithm finds a few single large clusters but the user disagrees with the results.

Updates to main algorithm for massive speedup (5-10x) by switching away from native matlab "graph" class during fitting. Prediction of new points is also faster and more accurate
Improved performance and memory usage for very large (>15,000 point) data sets. Also added "sparse_to_csr.m", a file by the author of "bfs.m" and "mst_prim.m" for converting sparse matrices

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この GitHub アドオンでの問題を表示または報告するには、GitHub リポジトリにアクセスしてください。