Laser, Filters and CMOS-Imager Calibration

Experimental Calibration of Lasers, Neutral Density Filters and Beam Profiling
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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17919.30880
While setting up any experimental arrangement involving lasers and imaging systems, calibration of lasers and neutral density filters is necessary.
The code provides a template for data entry and plotting functions for laser and neutral density filter transmission. A program is also provided for profiling the beam of a laser incident on a camera (without lens) to estimate the intensity of the laser.
1. Sample Results - Outputs of the Codes
2. JPEG Files x 6 - Sample Data
3. M Files - Described below
4. Excel File - Sample/Template file illustrating data preparation
1. Calibration_Excel.m - The function requires the name of the Excel file, formatted according to the template of the file in the Zip folder
2. Linearity_Check.m - The file requires input from the users, as a table, and executes simple functions to plot the linearity of the neutral density filters' transmission using total and highest pixel counts from the imaging system.
3. Beam_Profiler.m - The file, in v1.2, requires an input of the file name (image data), laser power, beam dimensions and figure titles. The beam dimensions, only for illustration, are physically measured from the manufacturer's software package. However, for the intensity measurements, the dimensions are calculated from the image.


Akhil Kallepalli (2024). Laser, Filters and CMOS-Imager Calibration (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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v 1.2 - Previously, the beam profile was plotted for the reduced transmission through the OD4 filter. As the transmission through the OD4 filter is known, the final measure can be extrapolated. This correction has been added.

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