Beyond Excel: Enhancing Your Data Analysis with MATLAB (August 2017)

These are the files for the Webinar "MATLAB for Excel Users" which was presented in August 2017.

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更新 2017/8/28


The webinar highlights how MATLAB can supplement the capabilities of Excel by providing access to thousands of pre-built engineering and advanced analysis functions and versatile visualization tools.
The code demonstrates the following concepts using vehicle fuel economy data:

• Access data from spreadsheets
• Plot data and customize figures
• Perform statistical analysis and fitting
• Automatically generate reports to document your analysis
• Create your own Apps and distribute them
Main script is "MainAnalysisLive.mlx" and requires the data folder "dataXLS" to be on the same path.
Additional file (AutomateAnalysis) shows how to run model over multiple files and collect the results.


Sergio E. Obando (2023). Beyond Excel: Enhancing Your Data Analysis with MATLAB (August 2017) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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