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Function to record, analyze and visualize Android sensor data

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更新 2017/3/31


Easily record any or all sensor streams from an Android device through MATLAB mobiledev.
Available sensors include Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Orientation, Magneto and GPS.
Options include sampling frequency, recording time and visualization opts.
The data struct that is passed back contains per sensor:
- Data vectors
- Time vector
- Max
- Min
- Mean
- Variance
- Peak2RMS ratio
- Peak2Peak distance
- Mean frequency
note: visualizations opions include: printResults, plotData, plotFreq. If signal processing toolbox is not installed, set plotFreq = false.


Victor v. Spaandonk (2022). recordAndroidData (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2016a
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