Polygonal Plot

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Polygonal (radar) plot with mean and standard deviation (or error) values

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更新 2020/1/29


Function polygonplot plots a kind of radial plot whose shape is a N-polygon, depending on the size of the data. It have also provide users the functionality of plotting a shaded error area if the dimension of the data is highly enough.
Input parameters:
- data: Data matrix.
* Mean case: [N x nlines], with N corresponding to the number of points of each line (number of polygon sides) and nlines corresponding to the number of lines to plot.
* Error bar case: [N x nlines x M], with M corresponding to the number of observations. Use NaN to ignore the value, in case that lines have different number of observation among themselves.
- opt_axes: (Optional) Struct with the axes options.
* opt_axes.Ticks: Vector that contains the axis ticks.
* opt_axes.Background: Background color of the tick labels.
* opt_axes.Labels: {1 x N} cell-vector with the axes labels
- opt_lines:(Optional) Struct with the lines options.
* opt_lines.LineWidth: Width of the means.
* opt_lines.LineStyle: Line style of the means.
* opt_lines.Marker: Marker of the means.
* opt_lines.Color: [nlines x 3] matrix with RGB colors.
* opt_lines.Labels: Boolean. If true, text labels of each point are plotted.
* opt_lines.Legend: {1 x nlines} cell-matrix with the legend of each line.
- opt_area: (Optional) Struct with the shaded area options.
* opt_area.err: Type of error to plot:
if 'std', one standard deviation;
if 'sem', standard error mean;
if 'var', one variance;
if 'c95', 95 confidence interval.
* opt_area.FaceAlpha: Alpha transparency constant.
* opt_area.Color: [nlines x 3] matrix with RGB colors.
Example of use:
d_ex = [2 3; 1 0; 0.1 3; -1 7; -0.2 0.9];
data = cat(3,d_ex-0.5,d_ex,d_ex+0.7);


Víctor Martínez-Cagigal (2022). Polygonal Plot (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/62200-polygonal-plot), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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