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Powertrain Blockset Drive Cycle Data

A collection of standard drive cycles (vehicle speed vs. time)


Updated 10 Mar 2021

To measure fuel economy and emissions, vehicles are typically run on a "drive cycle", meaning a pre-defined trajectory of vehicle speed over time. The drive cycles in this support package can be imported into the Drive Cycle block of Powertrain Blockset, allowing you to easily access over 20 drive cycles that are commonly used throughout different regions of the world, including US06, HWFET, NEDC, Japanese 10-15 mode, and many others.

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Mike Sasena

Hi Giorgio. There's an example in the Powertrain Blockset documentation that demonstrates how to set the drive cycle and sim time from a script. Hopefully that gives you what you're looking for. Check it out here:

Giorgio Romano

I would like to update the simulation time from command window, how can I do that? To set the cycle
set_param('.../Drive Cycle Source','cycleVar','NEDC');
Then I want to update simulation time to be same lenght of cycle (as can be done from the block parameters but would like to do by .m)

baoshuyue bao

祥 吉

Zuolei Hu

Ruchen HUANG

Mike Sasena

Hi Veerendra. It's difficult to say what's happening over a comments board. Please contact our support team (, who will be able to assist you.

my powertrain block set is missing in the library of R2017a Macbook. How to resolve this issue pls assist me

tianhao he


Mike Sasena

Hi Malte,
I'd need more information to understand what's going on. You can reach out to me directly through the "Contact an Expert" button on the Powertrain Blockset product page:


Malte Becker

how can I open the data? I tried to open it with matlab 2019, but I get a support software client error.


Tou Shi


Trung Quang Nguyen

Ishu J

hello sir,
how to get output from drive cycle?i want to design vehicle dynamics, plz give some information

Ishu J

Hello team,
Is there any optimization toolbox available in matlab for GA? how to access it?please guide me.

Ryan Chladny

Dear Ishu,

Unfortunately there really is not enough information provided to assist you here and the solution likely is out of scope for this forum.

Please get in touch with our technical support who will be able to work with you and your model to provide any assistance required. The support page can be found here:

Good luck and best regards,
The Powertrain Blockset Team

Ishu J

Hello support team
while running FC and UC fed boost converter simulation with drive cycle as load I have faced this difficulty
"An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated Caused by:Error in 'FCnUC_BOOST/SEPERATELY BOOST'. Evaluation of expression resulted in an invalid output. Only finite double vector or matrix outputs are supported"

What to do next? Please help me to resolve.

Ishu J

Thanks.. i will try my level the best..
If i faced any doubt means i will contact the team..

Mike Sasena

Hi Ishu,
There are several places in the documentation pages that provide more information. The Drive Cycle Source block (the block which uses this data) is explained here:

That page includes a link on how to install the data:

There are also several detailed vehicle models (both conventional and electrified) that use the Drive Cycle Source block for specifying the reference velocity. For example, check out the conventional vehicle model referenced in this page:

If you are still experiencing difficulty, we encourage you to contact our support team, who will be happy to help.

Ishu J

In library browser drive cycle source (ie..FTP75) is present in default where should i connect these drive cycle source block in matlab simulation model whether it acts as load??

Ishu J

can you give some example model in which drive cycle is connected?

Ryan Chladny

Dear Ishu,
The block is intended to assist in the assement of automotive vehicles undergoing standardized tests. It outputs reference velocity and corresponding acceleration signals in units of your choice. Gear commands are also supported.
You can see how it is connected to the Driver Block in the shipping reference application example models.
I hope this information is helpful,
The Powertrain Blockset Team

Ishu J

where the drive cycle source can be used?
to which it was connected?

sealer sean



Yang FU

de zhang

Ryan Chladny

Dear Bharat,

A custom drive cycle can be imported from a file (.mat, .txt, .xls) or workspace variable (timeseries object, array, struct). The details and examples for each are provided in the block documentation:

Please get in touch with technical support if you are having issues with this or require further clarification.

Thank you and kind regards,

Powertrain Blockset Team

Bharat SIngh

Hi there, thanks for the great effort. Can you guide me to importing my own drive cycle ? how to do that ?

de zhang

chan lau


Dakai Hu

Mike Sasena


Ryan Chladny

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Created with R2016b
Compatible with R2016b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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