N-dimensional 1/beta (e.g. pink, brown, blue) noise generation via spectral shaping of white noise
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更新 2019/11/8

This function is a "decorator" for the Matlab in-build 'randn' function. It takes an additional first argument (beta) which shapes the spectral characteristic of the data (in all dimensions) as f^beta. The output data is scaled to the original mean and standard deviation.


Marcin Konowalczyk (2024). randnd (https://github.com/MarcinKonowalczyk/randnd), GitHub. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015b
Windows macOS Linux
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Linked to GitHub

Put more generous bounds on 'beta'

Changed the title back to 'randnd'

Updated for circshift compatibility with matlab 2012a

Changed the title

Corrected the 1/beta scaling from amplitude to power scaling

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