Seismic Survey Scheduler

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Simulates a seismic survey over a rectangular grid of area x by y meters

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Seismic surveying requires placing a large number of sensors (geophones) in a large grid pattern, triggering a seismic event, and recording accelerometer readings at each sensor. These readings are inverted to infer the location of hydrocarbons. Traditional seismic surveying employs human laborers for sensor placement and retrieval. Use of explosives, harsh climatic conditions, high costs and time associated with human deployment are the major drawbacks of traditional surveying. We propose an autonomous heterogeneous sensor deployment system using drones to plant and recover sensors.
x,y: size of region to survey
T = Initial HomeBase location in [x,y];
hex: number of hexapods (mobile seismic sensors)
drones: number of deployment vehicles (fast moving vehicles that can hold
up to drone_cap darts)
darts: seismic sensors that can be deployed by drones or people
people: humans that can deploy seismic sensors (can carry up to people_cap
Srikanth KVS and Aaron T. Becker and
See video at


Aaron T. Becker's Robot Swarm Lab (2022). Seismic Survey Scheduler (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015a
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