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FileStructure viewer, Store Bookmarks, Custom KeyBoard Hotkeys, Live Templates, Navigation History


Updated 21 Feb 2021

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This is a Java package, downloading via FileExchange will get you only the source code.
* Follow the link download both*.jar files
matconsolectl-4.4.2.jar and MEP_1.33.jar
* Follow the instructions on the wiki page (
* might work with earlier releases
In short, it will mess around with Matlab's Editor.
### Edit Code
Duplicate line(
Delete line(
Moving current lines up(
Moving current lines down(
### Navigation
Navigation History(
Recently Closed Editor(
### Other
Execute Current Line(
* Shortcuts can be changed in `*.properties` file
* Windows are dockable

## Setup

## Features

## FAQ

## contact

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Andreas J. (2021). GavriYashar/Matlab-Editor-Plugin (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (25)

William Thielicke

Thank you! Why is this not standard in Matlab...?

Sascha Muenzing

- -

Andreas J.


Thank you for your comment and rating.

@Multiline, I'd like to have this feature as well, but there are multiple reasons why this isn't implemented yet.
@Filestructure: It automatically set itself to the file type. If it is a class file it will set itself to "class", if it is a functions file "functions" will be set. if it is a script, "sections" will be used. I wrote it this way because for me and my colleagues this is the most useful and efficient way. However you have a valid point, the user should be able to set this in the settings file.

Josh Philipson

..just figured out how to get this working...

This is an incredible upgrade! Many thanks for sharing your work.
Vitamin B-12 productivity shot right in the arm.

A suggestion: Multi-line cursor editing!

Question: Why in the "File Structure" Browser does it always jump to "Functions". I'd prefer 'Sections', or in the best case, that it ought not to jump when selecting a new file.

Josh Philipson

..just figured out how to get this working...

This is an incredible upgrade! Many thanks for sharing your work.
Vitamin B-12 productivity shot right in the arm.

A suggestion: Multi-line cursor editing!

- -

Chang hsiung

Ozgur Kahraman

Thanks for your efforts !!!

Daniel Rohrbach

This is an awesome tool, something I've been looking for for a long time. I wish Mathworks would invest more in developing their editor in particular for support with object oriented programming.

The tool doesn't work 100 % on Mac, though. If I am not wrong, the command key cannot be assigned as a modifier key in the CustomProperties. The fix is easy in the code and I have the modified version if someone is interested.

Michal Kvasnicka

well done ... really!!! But I propose any user friendly install/uninstall function.

Kevin Chng

Bryant Svedin

Rodrigo Botelho

Tyler Cumby

Andreas J.

@Frederick Zittrell Thank you. It should be fairly easily to implement. I'll create an Issue on GitHub.

Frederick Zittrell

Thank you for this addin! I would like to see one feature that I am missing in the MATLAB editor since forever: From IDEs like Eclipse I know the move-current-line keyboard-shortcut, where you can move the line where the cursor currently is one line up/down by pressing, e. g., ALT + ARROWUP/ARROWDOWN. Is it possible to implement this?

Martin Lechner

Very cool new feature: The file structure viewer (CTRL+F12) shows now also inherited methods from super classes and you can jump directly to this methods.

Marwan Muhammad

Thanks for this very useful addin to the obsolete matlab editor :)

Martin Lechner

These Matlab editor extensions are very useful. Since the 1st release, a lot of small improvements have been made, so that these extensions are easily usable without problems. I particularly like the
# clipboard stack (now also on the command window),
# the possibility of synchronizing the editor with the current folder,
# the file structure view (Ctrl+F12) to search for methods in Matlab class files and
# the code templates.

Andreas J.

type winopen(prefdir) in matlabs console, create a javaclasspath.txt and add these lines


if the installer dosn't work please follow the instructions for manual installation found here:

I also welcome and appreciate bug reports, feedback and feature requests

li haitao

I don't know how to install. Where is "javaclasspath.txt"?

Oleg Komarov

LY Cao

Martin Lechner

The features of the Matlab editor are fare behind popular IDE's like Eclipse or IntelliJ.
Especially the synchronization of the auto detail viewer in the current folder panel to the actual file in the editor is very helpful.
I also like the clipboard stack for refactoring or changes in many files.
It's a serious indictment of the Matlab IDE, that user must program such basic tools without support of Mathworks.
Great work, thank you!

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018b
Compatible with R2018b to R2019b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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