Robotic arm simulator

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Simulate articulated robotic arm

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更新 2016/7/15


open and run SMART_GUI.m in the matlab Files folder. Follow the directions in the Messages box.
The program can simulate only articulated robots, with indefinite number of degrees of freedom. A robot with six DOF is already configured but you can load your own robot with extension .STL and edit the parameters in the table that shows by pressing the button Edit Parameters in the Settings tab.
In the first tab you can edit the program settings, in the second you will give commands to the robot. In the tab Programs you can create a list of commands to run automatically and in the last tab you can simulate the dynamical behavior of the robot.
You can download the documentation of the program using the link provided in documentation file (in Portuguese only, in the future I will write in English).
There are some functionalities that I could not implement in this version. Hopefully they will be released in the future.
All suggestions for more features are welcome. If you found a problem please comment.


Diego ALMEIDA (2023). Robotic arm simulator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015a
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