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Measure a point spread function and other parameters on a microscope
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更新 2022/9/8

This function measures the full-width-half-max of a microscope point spread function (PSF) along both x and y at the z-plane with the brightest intensity, and also along z/x and z/y. The user simply needs to provide a z-stack containing a PSF (e.g. by imaging a sub-micron fluorescent bead) and also the number of microns per pixel along x/y and z. If using ScanImage (2-photon scanning software) the number of microns per pixel are automatically extracted from the TIFF header.

This submission also contains code and information to measure the number of microns per pixel using an EM grid. If using ScanImage, there is a button in the GUI to apply the measured calibration to ScanImage.


Rob Campbell (2024). measurePSF (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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