Seismic Response Spectrum GUI

This script aims to offer the Shock Response Spectrum of an earthquake's acceleration time history
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This script aims to offer the Shock Response Spectrum of an acceleration time history of an earthquake which is known. Therefore, it enables the user to calculate the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) and Pseudo Velocity. It also plots the solution and stores them in a file allowing certain changes such as the acceleration unit.
The mathematical algorithm used for the calculation can be chosen by the user among the following, which are included in the script: Kelly Richman, Smallwood and Newmark.

The user must provide the acceleration time history of the earthquake he wants to test, as well as introduce the damping parameter and the starting frequency for the iteration. The damping parameter can be either a damping ratio or quality factor.

The time history of the earthquake, must have two columns: time(sec) and acceleration. This data can be already pre-loaded into Matlab, or introduced by selecting the option ‘Open new ASCII file’ inside the popup menu named ‘File Input Method’.

As soon as the method has been selected the script will automatically plot the Peak Ground Acceleration. Nevertheless the user can obtain the results of the Pseudo Velocity.

Lastly, the script offers the possibility to store the results obtained by clicking ‘Output data in a file’. The script will request a filename and a directory and automatically create a .dat file.

- This file includes the srs.m file, uploaded by Tom Irvine in 2006 as one of the eligible calculation methods.

- For further information, please relate to the document "SeismicResponseSpectrumGUI.pdf" included in the .zip file.


Cristina M.Vila (2024). Seismic Response Spectrum GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2015a
Windows macOS Linux

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