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Command-line utility to list all function declarations within a specified m-file.
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更新 2016/9/1


編集メモ: This file was a File Exchange Pick of the Week

The MATLAB Editor provides a pull-down tool to Show Functions within an open m-file. But suppose you want to see function decalarations inside an m-file without editing. Perhaps you need to debug GUI callbacks, or understand someone else's function. You may not remember everything in a long list of functions after the Show Functions pull-down disappears. In these situations it would be helpful if the function list would hang around for reference. That's what this utility does.
This utility also highlights some interesting new capabilities of the MATLAB 7 desktop enviroment such as hyperlinks in the Command Window. Also, check out the code for examples of nested functions, block comments, and TODO/FIXME notes.


Robert Bemis (2024). SubFuns (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R14
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Updated license


Bug fix: original errored m-files with only one function declaration. Also added comments and updated description to highlight some new language and desktop features with MATLAB 7 (Release 14).