calculates peri-stimulus time histogram (PSTH) + variance of neural spike times

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更新 2016/2/19


% ---------[psth] = CalculatePSTH(SpikeTimes,EventTimes,varargin)-------------
% Calculates peri-stimulus time histograms (PSTHs) from a matrix or cell
% array of spiketimes (in seconds), given a user-defined bin-width. Plots
% PSTHs and saves in current directory.
% >>> INPUTS >>>
% Required:
% SpikeTimes = matrix or cell of spiketimes in SECONDS
% If matrix, will assume columns are trials, rows are spiketimes.
% If cell, will assume each cell is a trial, and in each cell
% columns are channels, rows are spiketimes.
% start = n-element vector containing times of events (in seconds)...if
% spiketimes are relative (i.e. blocks of spikeitmes, each block relative
% to stim onset), then user should define "start" as the time of the
% onset of the stim relative to the start of the block. For instance, if
% stim is 6 seconds into the start of each block, then set "start" = 6.
% * if spikes NOT relative, start = nx1 array of starting times.
% Optional:
% pre_time = time (in SECONDS) to subtract from starting time...
% makes plots relative to stim onset (default = 1s);
% post_time = time (in SECONDS) to add to starting time...
% (default = 1s);
% bin_width = bin (ms) for PSTH calculation. Default = 10ms.
% name = name to save figure (default = "psth.pdf")
% saving = 0 or 1 (default 1). If 1, saves figures to current directory.
% <<< OUTPUTS <<<
% psth = bin-counts of spiketimes occuring within specified time range.
% If SpikeTimes is a cell array, psth is an nxtrialsxchan matrix.
% If SpikeTimes is a matrix, psth is an nxtrials matrix
% psthTrialAvg = average of psth across trials per channel
% varTrialAvg = average variance of psth across trials per channel
% Example:
% SpikeTimes{1} = sort(rand(100)); % fake spiketimes for ch1
% SpikeTimes{2} = sort(rand(100)); % fake spiketimes for ch2
% [psth,trialAvg,varAvg] = CalculatePSTH(SpikeTimes,.5,.2,.5,10,'control',1)
% % plots histogram and variances for each channel, from -0.2s : 0.5s
% % around the starting point, (here 0.5s into the SpikeTimes). Save
% % the figures and appends "control" to the figure name
% By JMS, 11/13/2015


Jordan Sorokin (2023). CalculatePSTH(SpikeTimes,start,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013a
Windows macOS Linux
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commented on the requirement of this function on "EdgeCalculator", another function I've created for segmenting spike times based on bin widths