Sudoku Solver with Computer Voice

This m files take the Sudoku problems from the text file and the computer speaks the solution.
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更新 2015/9/30


As said above these codes solves the problems and computer speaks the solutions. It also used OCR to detect the sudoku puzzle from a given image. But that worked only for the given bmp image. :( Other files are not working . Obviously that is a bug, i hope other matlab hobbyists will work on it.. Moreover I wanted to solve these solutions from webcam too! but unfortunately that's not working. How I developed the code? Actually I downloaded the m files of Video Sudoku solver and Text 2 speech files in the file exchange. Edited some codes and added both codes in the same m file. I Hope this file will be developed more . Thanks :)


Md. Muhaimin Rahman (2024). Sudoku Solver with Computer Voice (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2010a
Windows macOS Linux
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