Elastix for MATLAB

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Elastix wrappers for MATLAB
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更新 2024/6/3
MelastiX is a collection of wrappers for the open source image registration suite Elastix. Elastix is cross-platform and is normally called from the system command-line (no GUI). MelastiX allows the elastix and transformix commands to be called from within MATLAB as though they are native MATLAB commands. This has the following advantages:
1. The user can feed in MATLAB matrices instead of image file names and get a MATLAB matrix back as a result.
2. Parameters can be passed in as Elastix text files or as an MelastiX YAML file. The latter provides some error-checking options as the type and possible values of the parameters can be checked.
3. Parameter files can be modified by passing an optional structure as a command-line argument. This makes it easy to explore how changing parameters affects registration accuracy.
4. Handles both 2D and 3D data. Examples are only 2D, though.
To get support or report bugs please e-mail me or start an issue on Github (https://github.com/raacampbell/matlab_elastix/issues). Please don't use the comments section below to ask for support.
  • You will need to install https://github.com/raacampbell/matlab_elastix
  • The image processing toolbox is required to run some of the examples but not to run the registration.


Rob Campbell (2024). Elastix for MATLAB (https://github.com/raacampbell/matlab_elastix), GitHub. 取得済み .

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