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ThingSpeak Support Toolbox

version 3.0.0 (290 KB) by MathWorks Internet of Things Team
Functions for connectivity from MATLAB to


Updated 21 Mar 2019

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ThingSpeak is a web service hosted by MathWorks that lets you collect, analyze and act on sensor data, and develop Internet of Things applications. The ThingSpeak Support Toolbox lets you use MATLAB (R2014b through R2018b) to read data from ThingSpeak and write data to ThingSpeak. For 2019a and higher, these functions are built into MATLAB so there is no need to download this toolbox.

Documentation for the functions in the toolbox can also be found here:

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MathWorks Internet of Things Team (2021). ThingSpeak Support Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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MR Smith

What is required to allow this toolbox to run on R2012a?

praveen p

somebady help for my prject
my project is multi purpose robort my robort is using sensor for mq9 and flame sensor . the two srnsor values how to add on iot codeing plz send him my mail id is
this codeing is very deficult please help me

Is there any function to pdate a talkback command?


Zdenek Kubin


Kojiro Saito

@Zdenek Kubin
Yes, you can compile this ThingSpeak support Toolbox by adding the entire folder (ThingSpeak Support Toolbox folder) to "Files required for your application to run" in Compiler window.

Zdenek Kubin

Is it possible to use it with Matlab compiler?

Mandfred Leisenberg

Dawit Uta

how do i run the zip/toolbox file

Anish Navalgund

Elvira Osuna-Highley

Miguel Villagran

Eric Wetjen

Just open the mltbx file and (provided you already have MATLAB installed), you should be prompted to install the toolbox.

Dhivyaa Vasi

How to install this Thingspeak support toolbox?

Arun kumar J

How to install thr "Thingspeak support toolbox" after downloading ??
Can any one tell ?

Pawel Tomaszewski

How to install this toolbox?

Takahiro Matsuura



It's a pity the source code is p-coded.

Hans Scharler

Hans Scharler

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018b
Compatible with R2014b to R2018b
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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